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Ttthamisa Lemn Tec is a Romanian furniture manufacturer with a high notoriety in Eastern Europe. We produce and sell solid wood furniture in large quantities. You can find a variety of pieces of furniture, from beds and bedside tables to tables, wardrobes and even mattress support, all from beech and oak.


Depending on the order and quantity we can offer different benefits and substantial discounts. Request a price offer for more details.

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Wood furniture wholesale at manufacturer's price.

We are producing furniture in wholsale quantities and we ship all over Europe.

All our furniture products are sold in large quantities, we do not sell in pieces. We have the manpower and the machines to produce the products in the shortest time possible and prepare them for expedition.

If you have a shop or if you’re a merchant and you want to buy our products or if you have a new product for us please don’t hesitate to contact us. Tthamisa lemn tec is a long-time furniture manufacturer from Romania. We have won the trust of other countries in Europe through our attention for detail of the products that we produce. We produce a wide range of solid wood furniture from beech and oak : beds, bedside tables, chairs, wardrobes and more.

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Wood furniture manufacturer

Established in the west of the country Romania, in the village of Tipari, 50 km from Timisoara. From 2012 until now, Tthamisa Lemn Tec went thorugh almost all stages of its evolution in order to become a solid and perspective furniture manufacturer.

Tthamisa Lemn Tec operates in a dynamic market and keeps the pace with the constant changes. We use state of the art tehnologies to manufacture our products. We have automated machines for massive/layered wood for processing and finishing.

Tables Wholesale

Our products are made from beech and oak. We have prepared various colors combinations of natural wood, white and wenge so that the product would fit perfectly into your home.

TV-comode wholesale

Big enough and thought so that you store both the TV accessories and other things in from the house.  This product comes in various combinations of colors.

comode tv lemn masiv

Wood Wardrobes

We manufacture sturdy and robust wardrobes. Besides beds, stairs, bedside tables, you can also find wardrobes in various combinations of colors.

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Solid wood beds and bedside tables

Why choose a bed from MDF when you can choose a solid bed made from beech, which is durable more durable. We sell solid wood beds from oak or beech. Each model has a wide range of sizes and colors. Besides beds you can also buy mactching bedside tables.

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Mattress Support

Our mattress supports individualize comfort for the ultimate sleep experience. These mattress support can be placed in any bed. We sell mattress supports in different sizes.

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